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From LA to New York, Mexico to Canada, we understand the importance of providing compelling content that informs and engages a reader and that it needs to be delivered in the right way. Armed with this knowledge, and building on our already successful relationships with market-leading real estate brands, we were guided by a desire to work with the very best people in the real estate industry. This led us to create our iconic real estate magazine. Our desire to produce publications of real substance that are valued by our partners all over the world.

Our History

Guided Luxury specialise in producing premium buying, selling and relocation magazines, providing great exposure to local businesses in areas across the UK, Southern Ireland and across North America.

Our aim is to produce the highest quality publications that connect buyers, sellers, and realtors. Delivering featured content that is area-specific that captivates all of our readers, showcasing what your community has to offer.

Our Brochure

This entertaining and informative magazine is designed specifically for each client and their discerning clients. It features useful articles and information that support clients in every aspect of relocation, editorial content to promote the wider area, and a select few local, reputable businesses frequently recommended by the realtors.


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