Our Map

Maps are an integral part of any guests stay in a new destination. Loved by the concierge and by the hotel, these useful pocket guides contain a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to any serious traveler.

Our maps allow you to communicate directly with your guests and inform them about your many key facilities and features, as well as displaying a number of carefully selected local businesses.

What we provide

Guided Luxury we pride ourselves on delivering stunning products to all our hotel partners. Thats why we go to such lengths to ensure you receive products of only the highest calibre.

Bespoke Maps

Our team of skilled illustrators combine years of experience and technical knowhow to design, print, produce and provide unique maps created specifically for you.

Promote Facilities

Each of our products is a platform for you to showcase your very best assets as a venue.

Provided FOC

All our products and services are complimentary to you as a hotel. This means no cost, no design fees and pease of mind we will take care of everything for you.

Hotel Branded

Your new map will be designed with your brand identity in mind. Individually tailored to your own specification, our team have extensive knowledge in complying with even the most comprehensive brand guidelines.

Ask us anything

For all enquiries please feel free to contact us

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